So you got a ticket?

The Law Offices of Mark Dickerson is the first and only call you need to make. Mr. Dickerson can represent you in a court of law even when you are not there. Call him day or night at 1-800-961-4529, or E-mail him at You can also print, fill out, and mail in this form (click this link and then click "Print" on your browser). In the mean time, if you've gotten a ticket, you can look up the section in the California Vehicle Code below.

   Please choose a section below

California Vehicle Code Section:

14601.1 22350 22450 23333
16028 22406 22526 34501.4
21710 22406.1 23103 34506
22348 22406.5 23103.5 34506.3
  22349 22407 23152 38305